Why work with Reid?

Benefits of choosing Reid Private Label Products to help you bring your product ideas to life instead of trying to go ‘factory-direct’.

We understand that when you are designing and manufacturing for your brand that you or your product team can go factory direct, but here are ten reasons why you should consider Reid Private Label Products to help you bring your ideas and concepts to life.

Want to hear more, or discuss an idea you have?


We have a dedicated and experienced Quality Control (QC) Team based in our China office that are directly employed by Reid. We do not rely on third party or factory QC who could have ulterior motives. We’ll make sure there aren’t any problems when your goods ship, because if there are, they will be fixed and won’t continue to arise. All our productions have extensive QC reports that have over 55 checkpoints, images, PO numbers, Qtys checked and more. 


We have long standing factory partners that we have worked with for many years in China, Cambodia and Bangladesh. You won’t have any first production teething issues with us.


We diversify our supply chain so you don't have to. We have a small, trusted network of assembly factories that we work with in China, to ensure competitiveness and to ensure we are never too reliant on any one factory. We also have assembly factories that we have worked with for several years in Cambodia and Bangladesh for EU market entry with zero anti dumping duty.


Let us do the R&D work. We’ve got a product team ready to develop new and market specific models, with decades of relevant industry and bike design experience to deliver exactly what you need. 


All product testing and certification is managed by our experienced team, and will be discussed with you to ensure market suitability at the design consultation stage to ensure correct component choices. With eMobility product such as eBikes and eScooters this includes software to ensure correct speed limits are adhered to for your market. We use SGS, Intertek and UL for product testing, and all of our assembly factories are ISO 9001 certified. 


We won’t draw you in with low costs just to increase them at a later date. We’ll continue to bring you the best prices we can, ongoing. Due to our economies of scale, our pricing often beats smaller brands who approach factories directly, or is similar to medium sized national brands, but with enhanced service you can trust. 


You’ll always be a priority to us, even when we’re busy. We value long term relationships built on service, trust and reliability. We can tailor our offer to suit your needs. If you need product or lifestyle photography, we can help. If you need copywriting, we can help. We are experts in designing and manufacturing bikes, eBikes and eScooters, but can go further for a fully rounded solution if you require it. 


We have a £5M global product liability insurance policy that covers all products that we make, not just Reid branded ones. You can rest easy knowing you have a full right of recourse when you choose Reid as a Private Label Products partner.


We plant a tree for every bike, eBike and eScooter we manufacture.This is a strong message for your brand that you can leverage. We have content that will be shared for your marketing teams to share this message with your customers.


Reach us 24 hours a day. Should you need support, we have offices in the UK, China and Australia, so someone is always available to help you.